Retail Investors Are

With Koios You Can Listen and Act. Protect and Grow Your Stock.

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Koios leverages advanced AI to shine a light on the ‘dark side’ of investor chatter, enabling publicly traded companies to protect against stock manipulation schemes and optimize their communication strategy.

  • Protect Your Stock

    Receive alerts to pump and dump schemes and negative campaigns so you can counteract.

  • Optimize Interaction

    Gain insights into how retail investors perceive and react to earnings announcements and other significant company news enabling you to communicate more effectively.

  • Stay Ahead of Competitors

    Get intelligence about how retail investors perceive and talk about your competitors.

  • Grow Your Stock

    Uncover opportunities to get your narrative out more successfully by communicating with top influencers.

It is Rocket Science

Koios purpose-built AI models make sense of hundreds of millions of messages on Twitter, Reddit, Yahoo Finance and numerous other sources, finding critical signals in vast amounts of unstructured data.


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